Our Quality, Safety and Environment Commitments

Quality, Safety and protecting the Environment are top priorities for IPAQ. 

In that context, IPAQ confirms its will of continuous improvement by pursuing its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy which is based on 5 priority topics:  

Reinforcing the protection of our staff and improving their conditions of work

Meeting with our customers’ full satisfaction by adapting constantly our products to their current and future needs,

Supplying services in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements,

Strengthening our involvement in protecting the environment and being recognized as a corporate citizen, serving Sustainable Development,

Building our future through innovation and skills development.

In order to make our Management System prove that our top target is meeting with the requirements of the 9001 V2000 (Quality) and 14001 V2004 (Environment) ISO standards and with the Safety regulatory requirements, we defined the following thrust of improvement :


Quality Targets  

-    Processing a finished product which meets with our customers’ demands,

-    Evaluating our customer’s satisfaction on a regular basis, anticipating their needs to come,

-    Analyzing and getting any risk of malfunction under control.


Health and Safety Targets  

-          Identifying risks for health and safety and operating actions in order to reduce them and get them under control,

-          Developing a Health and Safety company culture, sensitizing our members of staff to health and safety hazards and how to control them,

-          Setting up and maintaining conditions of work which enable to reach the following targets : Reducing by the end of 2008 our work injury frequency rate with leave by less than 40 and our work injury security rate by less than 0,6

Having each plant in full compliance with standards

     Analyzing upstream the near accidents

Our Environmental Targets for all our production sites :

-          Monitoring hazards and anticipating accidental pollutions

-          Reducing quantity and improving the quality of our waste

-          Sensitizing and training all staff members

-          Reducing environmental nuisance at the most and to the root.


         I am relying on everyone at IPAQ to work together and make it their own this Quality, Safety and Environment policy. It is by following this track that we can create together a dynamics of progress and work in a more efficient and safe way.

                                                     Izon, March 22th 2010
                                                     Mr FOECHTERLE
                                                     Executive Officer

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