IPAQ Izon (33)  Head office    Setting up : 1991   Surface : 7,4 acres   Total investment amount : 2,3 M €. 
  Members of staff : 20

IPAQ Izon processes container glass collected in the South West and centre of France , and Normandy . The plant has a total processing capacity of 160 000 tons per year.

In 2007, IPAQ Izon supplied O-I furnaces in Vayres (33) with 160 000 tons of cullet. The furnaces produce 80% of “bordelaise” bottles (green-coloured).

Managing cullet processing goes together with quality which must match with the use of recycled glass in furnaces. To meet the demands, we had IPAQ Izon and IPAQ Lavilledieu certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. As for IPAQ Béziers, the plant will soon be certified as well.

The facilities in Izon have been made suitable by associating different sorting technologies to reach a homogeneous quality : eddy current machines, laser technology CSP (Ceramic, Stone, Porcelain) sorting machines and UVHR (Ultra Violet High Resolution) sorting machines (for vitroceramic components).


Valérie ROY is a Team Manager at IPAQ Izon. She tells us about her experience
Lysiane POITIER is IPAQ Izon’s Plant Manager. She tells us about her job…



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