1978 Following a law aiming at protecting the environment, a few business managers from Libourne, a middle-size town located in Gironde , create IPAQ SA (Industries Propres d’Aquitaine). IPAQ’s business consists of collecting and managing industrial waste.  

1979 On the request of the BSN Group in Vayres, IPAQ takes over a small company going into liquidation and making cullet (recycled glass) from collected glass for the BSN Group. Until 1990, IPAQ developed two businesses: collecting and managing industrial waste, and collecting and processing bottle bank glass.  

1991 IPAQ specializes in the field of glass recycling, starts the building of a new, more efficient plant and sells the industrial waste management business unit. The new plant based in Izon is inaugurated in October 1991.  

1997 BSN and MALTHA (leading company in the European glass recycling industry) Groups join to buy IPAQ. The BSN Group was then one of MALTHA’s business partners and shareholders.  

Early 1998 A second glass processing plant is set up in Lavilledieu (South East France) and supplies BSN GlassPack’s glass furnaces with cullet in Labégude.  

Late 1998 A third glass processing plant is inaugurated in Puy Guillaume (centre of France) in order to supply the BSN GlassPack facilities with cullet.  

2001 IPAQ Lavilledieu supplies BSN’s furnaces in Labégude and Béziers with cullet. IPAQ Puy Guillaume processes container glass for BSN’s furnaces in Puy Guillaume and Veauche ( Loire ).  

2002 Following changes in the colour of the cullet used by BSN Puy Guillaume and BSN Veauche, IPAQ Puy Guillaume supplies Saint Gobain facilities in Saint Romain le Puy.  



Glass recycling

 In 2007, 2,1 million tons of container
 glass were collected in bottle banks and
 processed in France :

2,1 million tons of container glass
    can    save as many tons of sand
    (raw    material) ;

-  1 ton of cullet (recycled glass), in
    comparison with 1 ton of natural raw
    material (sand), releases 500 kg less
    of carbon dioxide (quarrying, transport
     and fusion included) ;

-  Over the last 30 years, glass recycling
    saved 12 million TOE ;

-  Over the last 30 years, glass recycling
    avoided sending 25 million cubic
of glass waste to waste

Late 2007 IPAQ Puy Guillaume stops processing glass and the business is transferred to Béziers where the O-I Group (the BSN Group was bought by Owens-Illinois, a worldwide glass package making) owns a plant.  

January 2008 IPAQ Izon invests in two HRUV laser technology sorting machines to sort out vitroceramic elements. 

June 2008 IPAQ Béziers new facilities are inaugurated.

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